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    In animation, the anim process, or providing movement to characters, objects, is a critical process that gives a movie its feel and soul. A good animator not only creates movements but also helps the audience feel the style of the movie (funny/lame/touching/dramatic…), its pace (quick/slow/average…), mood of the characters (often through minor details like: an eyebrow-raise, running posture, …).

    Not only that, a good animator also actively control the actions in the movie, as a single action may has hundreds of ways in which it can be expressed, each with a different message. From that, the animator can control how the audience feels, bring them laughters of joy or tears of sadness through each frames of a scene.

    So in order to do that, what skills must an animator possess? Let’s take a look at 4 KEY SKILLS TO BECOME A GOOD ANIMATOR from Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Head of 2D Animation at VinTaTa who has many years of experience in the animation industry under his belt.

    1. Good observation

    A true animator is someone who is sensitive to their surroundings. They can hear the sound of the rain drops, the cars passing by, the cracks from the fireplace,…Using their observation skill, the animator can put themselves in a scene and in a character’s shoes to best express the emotions needed.

    2. Painting talent

    In animation, painting talent is an absolute necessity be it in storyboarding, character design, layout, … and definitely in animating too. But “knowing how to paint” or “paint well” is not enough. The artist must train everyday in order to best enhance his skillset. Work hard and pay attention to details so that each line you draw can better complete the overall picture.

     3. A wild imagination

    When needing to draw a movement but not knowing how each small detail works, instead of copying that movement from real life, an animator must learn to observe, remember, imagine wildly and paint that movement in creative ways. He should not watch that movement from videos and re-paint from that because it kills the creativity that is nature to the animation medium.

    4. A good sense of humour

    Thr purity, the fun and the humour in each animator helps contribute to the color and emotion of the movie. 

    The last advice from Mr. Thanh Hung to complete the above 4 skills is: Always keep within you the sense of humour and childishness that every animator must have.

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