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    Eventhough practice makes perfect, that is not enough to truly take your skillset to the next level. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert share experiences on what you care about?

    We hope you can improve your layout skills withthese 4 tips from our in-house artist Cháo Sườn.

    1. Draw cleanly and neatly

    Two important things when drawing layout is the understanding of composition and how to draw cleanly and neatly.

    2. Divide layers with purpose

    A complete layout file must contain layers arranged in a systematic manner, objects put in its proper place so as to facilitate the job of background painters afterwards.

    3. Think carefully about small details   

    It is important to think about how each details you put in can affect the composition of the picture. Too many small details can make the whole thing look too “full”, but too little and it will look unfurnished.

    4. Set up your angle

    When you have a good understanding of composition, you can intentionall change the angles of a picture to enhance the mood of the scene.

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