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    Monta In The Odd Galaxy” is an animated TV series produced by VinTaTa Animation Studio, with 40 episodes of 5 minutes each. 

    The story began in the heavenly Cosmic Kitchen where Monta was assistant to the Supreme Chef, helping him whip up planets and stars in his awesome celestial oven. But when Monta tried to make his own planet before he was ready, he added too much fish sauce and caused the oven to explode with a “Big Bang” that flung hundreds of odd planets across the galaxy. Monta then has to gather his friends – Maika, Wood, Sharkira, Banana and Wally – to travel to odd places and fix the oddest problems. 



    Our Team

    Writer: Jeffrey Scott

    Director: Nguyễn Phi Phi Anh

    Head of animation: Nguyễn Thanh Hùng

    Head of designer: Tạ Lan Hạnh

    ODD Characters

    Monta is a langur, which is to say he is a monkey with a long tail
    who can leap really far. But Monta is not a normal monkey. He is
    really just a little boy, excited about the wonders of life and
    proactive in tackling life’s problems. He’s resourceful, curious,
    clever, inventive, and does everything fast, with a charming naiveté.
    These characteristics, along with his bravery, are the glue that
    holds the team together.

    Maika hasn’t a bit of wool on her body and desperately
    wants to find a cure for her mysterious “baldness”.

    She wears a beautiful faux fur coat and is constantly looking for

    the latest hot fashion to cover her hairlessbody, and wigs to cover her bald head.

    But she never likesanything she finds and winds up reverting to her coat and lamb
    wool wig.

    Sharkira is a two -tone cowardly pink shark. Because he is literally a fish out of water, Sharkira wears a water-filled globe over his head so he can breathe. This makes his voice sound comically bubbly. Sharkira is very protective of his shipmates, and if they are ever put in danger by a baddy, Sharkira will bare his fangs and make a terrifyingly ferocious face and bubbling roar.

    Living inside Sharkira’s fishbowl helmet is his little goldfish friend, Wally. Wally is the opposite of Sharkira, in that whereas Sharkira is timid and fearful, little Wally is fearless. He swims in and out of Sharkira’s mouth and Sharkira is more worried about swallowing him than Wally is of getting swallowed. Wally will contrast and highlight Sharkira’s un-shark-like behavior.

    Wood doesn’t know that he’s a mallard but will discover this in a future episode. In the meantime, Wood is a real rattle brain. Unlike other birds, Wood gets airsick when he’s more than five feet off the ground. This results in comical situations when he has
    to fly. For instance, he’ll crash into things or get so disoriented he’ll spiral down and land on his head.

    Banana flies Monta and friends all over the galaxy at the speed of light (or slower depending on the speed limit). At normal cruising speeds her wings flap like a bird. But when she makes the jump to light speed her wings blur and she lets out a sonic exhaust fart (like a sonic boom only funnier). She can also change into a submarine or a sailing ship or a rock boring machine or a school bus when needed.

    ODD Planets

    Planet Noodle

    Planet Garbage

    Planet Birthday Cake

    Planet Cellphone

    Planet Teeth

    Planet Fish Bowl

    Planet Christmas

    Planet Flowers

    Planet Dinosaurs

    Planet Flat Tire

    Is it lunch I smell over there?


    "Look at me, I'm saving us all!"


    Green tea ice cream with mosquito sprinkles, please!

    And I thought only Planet Picnic has an ant problem...

    Happy birthday, happy birthday...

    So how many likes do you think we'll get for this selfie?

    You'll always be my Baby Tooth, and I'll always be your Papa...

    When your toothache misbehave, and all you wanna do is rageeeeee...

    When Sharkira and Wally fall in love...

    Keep dreaming about it Sharkira, if you don't know how to swim

    In the Odd Galaxy, Chrismas is the season that Santa Clause purchases gifts

    The reaction when you've been single for a long time and then suddenly received Christmas presents

    Is Santa really kindhearted as you thought?

    What happened to Maika’s hair?

    The odd hair of the odd people in the odd galaxy

    Hairless sheep and hairy shark

    Wood’s so tired cause he’s a woodpecker

    Be like Wood: Jump into the tar pit for his brothers... Find Wood in these three guys

    The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Pop... Poor Sharkira

    "I’m gonna be the best tire salesman you ever had, Big Wheel. Andsomeday maybe you’ll make me the Little Wheel."